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                Departments & Programs

                Aeropace and Civil Engineering

                Programs Offered

                Undergraduate Programs

                Aerospace Propulsion Theory and Engineering.pdf

                Aircraft Design and Engineering.pdf

                Building Environment and Equipment Engineering.pdf

                Civil Engineering.pdf

                Engineering Mechanics.pdf

                Quality and Reliability Engineering.pdf

                Water Supply and Sewage Engineering.pdf

                Postgraduate Programs    

                  Master in Aeronautical & Astronautical Propulsion Theory & Engineering

                  Master in Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering

                  Master in Engineering Mechanics

                  Master in Engineering Thermophysics

                  Master in General and Fundamental Mechanics

                  Master in Man-Machine and Environmental Engineering

                  Master in Manufacturing Engineering of Aerospace Vehicle

                  Master in Master in Aerospace Propulsion Theory and Engineering

                  Master in Solid Mechanics

                  Master in Structural Engineering

                  Master in Thermal Power Engineering

                PhD Research Fields    

                  Ph.D in Engineering Mechanics

                  Ph.D in General and Fundamental Mechanics

                  Ph.D in Solid Mechanics

                Postdordorate R&D Bases    

                  Postdoctoral R&D Base in Mechanics

                Professional Master of Engineering Programs    

                  Professional Master of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering

                  Professional Master of Engineering in Architectural and Civil Engineering

                  Professional Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

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